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Importing Goods from Overseas can be so difficult and too costly for individual or even for retailer. Too many Rules and Regulation, Taxes, Agent Charges and Fees, Documents, Freight Cost and all of that situation can ended up in a confusing condition. Especially for the one who have an opportunity to start a new idea of selling goods and handicrafts from Bali. You believe that a lot of opportunities you can reach if you are able to sort this situation of importing goods from overseas issues.

If you are in needed of single items, you can just drop by on an online retailer company with their fix prices and shipping cost. But what if you are having an opportunity of becoming a retailer ? You would need to re calculate with costs and shipping for a best offer.

There for we come to offer you the best practice of buying and shipping Metal Handicrafts from Bali Iron in the most effective and affordable costs importing Bali Metal Handicrafts in a bulk quantity that can be delivered straight to your front door. All you need to do is to wait for the door bell to receive your ordered items. You will receive a full box of ordered items, in a custom packaging method that will maintain safeness of items loaded into the boxes. Just unpack…

Contact us for special packages for retailer and individual for Package of Mosquito Coil Holders sent straight to your address in the most affordable cost

Term & Condition :

1. Prices are inclusive of Products, Custom Packaging, Regular Freight Cost, Insurance, and Currier until consignee address
2. All packages ship in a custom packaging method based on Location and Condition ( Small, Medium , or Jumbo Boxes )
3. Shipping time may vary based on Location and Condition, how ever shipping time can take up until 8 weeks.
4. Payment transfer can be made via Paypal

Bali wholesale metal handicrafts candle holder

Metal Elmo

34, 11, 23 cm | Idr 40,700

ELM 01

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Bali wholesale metal handicrafts candle holder


28, 13, 20 cm | Idr 38,000

KAO 01

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Crabs Mosqutio coil holder - Bali Wholesale Handmade Mosquito Coil Holder

Mosquito Coil

32, 27, 8 cm | Idr 45,200

CRB 01

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Elephant Coil Holder - Bali Wholesale Candle Holder

Elephant Candle

15, 14, 14 cm | Idr 27,900

ELP 01

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Turtle Metal Wall Decor - Bali Wholesale Wall Decor

Wall Decor

50, 45 cm | Idr 52,800

TUR 01

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Bali wholesale metal handicrafts mosquito coil holder

Mosquito Coil

26, 22, 8 cm | Idr 38,800

TUR 01

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