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Frequently Asked Question


1. How do we make our Products ?
=> All our products are Handmade, Designed and Handcrafted piece by piece, there for each of our product have its own marks and signature.

2. Is there any minimum order quantity ?
=> Our minimum order quantity are 6 pcs per item.

3. How long does it take for production ?
=> Production may vary depending on ordered items. How ever normal production take 6 until 12 days for smaller amount of order and could be 2 until 6 weeks for larger order quantity.

4. How do we ship the order ?
=> Shipping method we can arrange ;
A. Air Freight by EMS, is the fastest , safest and reliable shipping method. More to consider is the most expensive shipping method.
B. Sea Freight ;
- EMS Sea Freight Service, Post Shipping Service Overseas, charged applied based on weight per box.
- LCL ( Less thanContainer Load ), is a share container load arranged by Cargo Agent.
- FCL ( Full Container Load ), is a full container load also arranged by Cargo Agent.

5. How can we pay for the order ?
=> You may pay by wired transfer to our bank account or pay by paypal.

6. How long does it takes for the order to be arrived at destination address ?
=> Shipping time may vary depending on shipping method. How ever Air Freight is the fastest shipping method among the other. It 's a door to door shipping service and it will only take days to be received at destination residence address.
- EMS Sea Freight Service is also Door to Door Shipping Service. Sea Freight takes weeks even months to get to destination address, as Sea Freight very much depending on weather condition.
- LCL ( a share container ) / FCL ( Full Container ) is a port to port shipping service. Takes also weeks or even months to get to the destination Sea Port.

7. What about import taxes ? Do we have to pay for import taxes ?
=> Taxes and fees are applied for all imported products. Taxes may vary based on rules and regulations of destination country. For further info, please contact your Customs Officer.

8. What to do to received order ?
=> EMS Air Freight or Sea Freight is a Door to Door Service. Means that the packages will be received at destination residence address. Prices are all inclusive .
=> LCL ( a share container ) / FCL ( Full Container is a port to port shipping Service. Packages will be only deliver to destination Sea Port. Prices are not inclusive of Import Taxes and Fees at destination Country. How ever you will need to contact Customs Broker or Agents, or you may do clearance process by your self. All documents for Clearance will be provided by shipping agent.

Bali Metal Elmo Bird - Bali Metal Handicrafts

Metal Elmo

34, 11, 23 cm | Idr 40,700

ELM 01

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Bali Kangaroo Candle Holder - Bali Wholesale Metal Handicrafts


28, 13, 20 cm | Idr 38,000

KAO 01

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Turtle Mosquito Coil Holder - Bali Wholesale Metal Crafts

Mosquito Coil

26, 22, 8 cm | Idr 38,800

TUR 01

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Crabs Mosqutio coil holder - Bali Wholesale Handmade Mosquito Coil Holder

Mosquito Coil

32, 27, 8 cm | Idr 45,200

CRB 01

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Elephant Coil Holder - Bali Wholesale Candle Holder

Candle Holder

15, 14, 14 cm | Idr 27,900

ELP 01

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Turtle Metal Wall Decor - Bali Wholesale Wall Decor

Wall Decor

50, 45 cm | Idr 52,800

TUR 01

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